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It’s Chelsea The Brave As The Mighty Blues Come Back From 2 Goals Down To Draw With Nasty United

Nasty you say?

Yeh nasty. Manchester United was in bullish mood in the FA Cup following their European failings and attempted to run riot over Chelsea last night. Using the hurt of the Madrid match to their advantage, United strolled to an early 2-0 lead inside 11 minutes and Chelsea was looking likely of losing their chance to retain their cup.

Awkward facial Rio. Ha.

Rooney, with a point to seemingly prove to the entire world, was chief tormentor and although his goal came from a free kick that was intended to be a cross, he deserved the reward. The cross bounced past a flatfooted Cech into the far net and Rooney celebrated his goal with almost an embarrassed look. Cech was could be forgiven considering the cross was a pearler and it looked like either Luiz or a United player would get to the ball first, making the shot stopper hesitate long enough to allow the ball to creep past him.

Ramires scores to level things up

It can’t be said for the first goal though. A long ball was played to Hernandez, who loves scoring against Chelsea, and Cech came out to greet it and was caught in no-man’s-land. He did make amends though, marvellously keeping out a Luiz bound own goal with a finger tip save over the ball. It was world class!

See you at the bridge, scum

Chelsea though started pouring forward, and had a few chances before the half time whistle, although they’d get allot more opportunities in the second half, especially once Hazard came on as part of a double sub with Mikel.

BANG. What a goal from Hazard.

BANG. What a goal from Ramires.

BANG. What a save from De Gea! Mata could have won it in injury time albeit for an outstanding foot save from his Spanish compatriot.

The match ended 2-2 with Chelsea bar far the dominating team. I don’t think I’ve seen Chelsea dominate United, home or away, like this since the Jose days. I mean this was a serious domination! I’m so proud of them.

Who’s a bigger devil?

Ferguson, who didn’t shake Rafa’s hand at the beginning or the end of the match, stated United were tired from their European game. Is that so? Considering United played at home, whilst we played in ROMANIA two days after them you’d think it should be Chelsea using the tired excuse but the Blues steamrolled United in the second half. I mean ACTUALLY steamrolled them. Best performance of the season. Hats off to you Rafa. Your wacky subs made the difference. Credit where credit is due, now let’s kick their ass on our own turn and take on City at Wembley. Que sera sera.

Chief Al


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